Vice-Admiral's full dress coat belonging to Lord Nelson, On display at the National Maritime Museum, Manufactured By Firmin
Vice-Admiral's full dress coat belonging to Lord Nelson
On display at the National Maritime Museum
Manufactured By Firmin

The Group's strength is enshrined in its skilled workforce of around 150 craftsmen and craftswomen. Expertise is passed down from master craftsman to journeyman in the traditional manner of apprenticeship. For example; a fourth generation armorer is currently passing on his skill to a young apprentice at our Birmingham facility.

Bernard Kashket MBE, our senior Master Tailor is sharing his skill and experience of more than 50 years to teach our team of young aspiring tailors at our North London facility.

Firmin maintains the finest, most comprehensive collection of medal, badge and button dies in the world. This is an invaluable archive and resource for the design and development of new insignia. This range includes the original dies cut for the buttons worn by Admiral Lord Nelson. Kashket & Partners have hand cut patterns dating back to the early part of the 20th century.

Our products can be seen in museums and galleries all over the world. For example a Uniform manufactured by Firmin worn by Admiral Lord Nelson can still be seen at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Clients are most welcome to visit any of our production facilities in London and Birmingham to see orders being fulfilled.

Admirals Buttons Today still
Manufactured By Firmin & Sons