Embossed Technology

Embossed Badge

It is not enough for an organisation to be efficient; It must also look efficient and command respect by its very presence. Every modern corporate company needs to be clearly identified and it is a vital part of any emergency service.

Your logo can be translated and embossed in 2 and 3 dimensional relief to represent your professional image in a modern, functional way. Any shape of badge can be accommodated and the indented border produces a professional finish that also serves a useful sewing guide.

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Embossed Badges

The Preferred Choice of Many Leading Organisations

  • High Definition
    Identification can never be underestimated, with visibility over a greater distance, embossed badges make your organisation stand out from the crowd.

  • Extremely Durable
    Embossed products are fully engineered to provide excellent long lasting finish.

  • Reflective Ground
    Using a mixture of high visibility ground and reflective print we can match your garment or create a striking contrast to enhance your visibility.

  • Versatile
    Your design can be reproduced with the choice of up to 8 colours per badge and with over 50 stock ground fabric colours we can recreate your corporate image in stunning clarity.

  • UV Resistant
    Embossed products do not suffer from prolonged exposure to light.

  • Practical
    The badges are non absorbent, making them ideal outdoor and work wear use.

  • Easy to Look After
    Hand and machine washable up to 60c, embossed images can withstand ironing temperatures in excess of 170c and are fully dry cleanable.

  • Tried and Tested
    With over 8 years use in some of the worlds most inhospitable environments embossed insignia has stood the test of time.

A High Level of Embossed Detail Can Produce Outstanding Results.

Embossed Badges

The system can incorporate any shape badge, using colour to highlight your entire range. Upgrading your image has never been easier. Combinations of traditional hand embroidered insignia on a base of embossed epaulettes and sliders to achieve a truly unique appearance.

An individuals name or service number as applicable can be applied alongside your corporate crest to achieve truly professional identification for your uniform.