Horse Furniture for Mounted Ceremonial Troops

Horse Furniture
Horse Furniture For the Irish Guards
Manufactured by Firmin & Sons

State ceremonial events are part of a national story; embodying the journey a country has taken and the pride of its people. It is a significant cultural event that demands the very best attention to detail. The Kashket Group recognise this dynamic as it so closely matches our own sense of pride when we watch the Queens Birthday Parade. We do so in the knowledge that the vast majority of product showcased at this global event has been made by one of our manufacturing companies.

In 2007 Firmin & Sons undertook to design and develop a brand new riding ensemble for a Royal Household. The contract requirement covered the supply of full saddlery for a riding troop of 40 cavalrymen. Products included saddles, horse furniture and shabraques which had to be designed, prototyped, manufactured and delivered in 4 months to be in time for the Kings birthday. Firmin achieved delivery a week early to complete satisfaction of the client.

Firmin is the leading manufacturer and designer of riding troop saddlery, uniform, dress hats and ceremonial horse furniture. Ceremonial horse furniture is the decorative metal attachment to leather harnesses and saddlery. A well thought out saddlery design with excellent manufacturing interpretation gives fine distinction and panache to a mounted escort. It can incorporate national emblems and motifs specified by the client.