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British Household Cavalry Officer's State Helmet
British Household Cavalry
Officer's State Helmet
Manufactured by Firmin & Sons

Firmin & Sons Ltd take the lead in the Kashket Group for international sales and export customers. Our experienced Sales Managers travel the world maintaining and developing customer relationships. The Group operates a network of carefully selected agents and distributors to service clients that have chosen such a route.

Firmin & Sons supplied both of the armies at the battle of Gettysburg, USA during the Civil War with Ceremonial Accoutrements making us possibly the oldest continuing Uniform export company in the world.

Our Sales Managers have unrestricted access to our world renown excellent UK based manufacturing capability which includes ceremonial garments, headwear and uniform accoutrements.

It is these unique manufacturing skills in Kashket Group that allows Firmin & Sons to build on existing customer relationships. Firmin & Sons have very long standing relationships with International clients (Government and Private Sector) having serviced some since before British Colonial rule. These clients, some with accounts as old as 125 years are still working with our Sales Managers to redefine and update their ceremonial uniforms.

Firmin & Sons currently supply over 34 countries with an excellent reputation for quality and service. Many of our customers turn to Firmin for assistance regarding the design and development of uniform packages. In some cases these customers have seen a gradual decline in the standard of their uniform from companies that simply outsource the requirement to global manufacturing partnerships.

Our customers range from Government Departments and Military to Academia and State Honours, we are proud to supply many international Royal Households.

We can supply individual items such as garments, swords and medals or we can redesign and implement supply of complete packages for new regiments or units. We work closely with our customers to ensure that design is tailored to individual requirement. It is this attention to detail, quality and excellent delivery that builds confidence and longevity in our customer relationships.

We offer you an open invitation to visit our UK based factories, one of which is in London and one in Birmingham.