Firmin House is the undisputed centre of excellence when it comes to State and Ceremonial Uniform. The Group manufactures many iconic products that draws global recognition as being British. This is what the visiting tourist to London comes to see. The splash of colour and the sparkle of polished metal add the finest touches leaving a memory of a visit to London.

Foot Guards Officer
Foot Guards Officer
Uniform by Kashket & Partners
Buttons & Accesories by Firmin & Sons

Firmin House is the only remaining comprehensive ceremonial design, manufacture and supply house in UK. The Group operates from two factories, one in London and one in Birmingham.

Firmin House have focussed on a multi layered approach to meeting the customers needs. The Group maintains and invests in the practicalities of design, development and product realisation. We have diesinkers, tool makers, tailors, hatters, electroplate engineers, armourers and many more skills from our 200 + workforce. These highly skilled people compliment the skills of our design team to create extraordinary results.

Firmin House products are instantly recognisable. The Group also has a long standing design, development and supply relationship overseas, currently supplying many other Royal Households and more than 50 national government departments. The group currently services contracts for the manufacture and supply of dress uniforms, badges, buttons and ceremonial accoutrements for the UK MoD.

Life Guards Officer Uniform
Life Guards Officer Uniform
Uniform Manufactured by Kashket & Partners
Cuirasses Manufactured by Firmin & Sons

Kashket & Partners

Kashket & Partners of London have a specialist clothing factory with a team of more than 30 bespoke Tailors and skilled Artisans. From this factory we service high quality uniform production and service support. One of our local clients is the British Army Household Division in London. We have a dedicated team of specialists visiting Regiments in London to measure, fit or deliver our iconic uniforms. In a typical week our specialists would visit Kings Troop, Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and all five Foot Guards Regiments.

Firmin & Sons

Firmin & Sons, the oldest company in Birmingham have a 38,000 square foot engineering factory producing all forms of button, badge and ceremonial accoutrement. The factory is proud to house one of the last working Military armouries in the world. Our skilled armourers fashion the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment Helmets and Cuirasses by hand. Many of the skills and methods have remained unchanged for 3 centuries.