Russell Kashket Collection Suits

Throughout our 350 year history we have applied the same attention to detail to our private clients as we have to those in uniform. Often in history fine quality clothing has taken its lead from military design. The Tailor making a uniform for a gentleman would then proceed to produce other items of fine clothing for the client. It is still the tradition today for gentlemen of distinction to use a military tailor to produce their formal, country, business and riding attire.

Whether on the parade ground or in a place of business; fine clothing defines the person. The selection of style, fabrics, trims and finishes together with good design and traditional and modern craft skills combine to create a garment of beauty. We have not forgotten that each of our clients is an individual and as such have a style that is distinctly their own.

With an emphasis on cut we have assembled a range of hand made suiting in a selection of fabrics in both contemporary and traditional styles. When we say hand made we mean hand cut, hand sewn and hand finished, in entirety. We offer full bespoke suiting attire to avail those customers who prefer the elegance of a completely personalized service and unique garment.

Our Tottenham based workroom is available to discuss our clients needs in a private and informative way.

To compliment their fine suiting gentlemen often secured the services of a hatter. A fine hat worn for appropriate occasion adds gravitas and style to the ensemble.

From suits to hats we can offer you the quiet confidence of knowing that you are well dressed whatever the occasion. Our expert staff are here to listen, advise and meet your needs.